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WELCOME TO is Ireland's premier provider of bespoke music solutions for the retail, leisure and hospitality trades.

We offer an "out of the box turnkey" solution which gives our customers total control over their music experience. With no hidden extras this provides the security of being able to quantify and control costs without the uncertainty of ongoing, increasing bills. No internet or phone connection required.

So why use

How often have you visited a shop, restaurant or leisure complex only to be greeted by loud music which is totally inappropriate to the age profile of the customer or to the type of premises? All too often the choice of music is left to the on duty manager or employee who plays their favourite CD, sometimes endlessly!! Not the vital first impression you want to create for the customer who walks through the door?

Surprisingly, even now many premises rely on music relayed by their favourite radio station. Once again is the preferred station playing content appropriate to your customer or type of premises? Even worse, your customers are potentially going to be exposed to advertisements or commercials by your competitors. Where is the sense in that?! will work with you to provide a content rich product suitable for your needs. We will offer advise and guidance utilising the skills of experienced music programmers as well as providing branded hardware.

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